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Preview only, We will share design
updates along the creation process.
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What is MYM?

There are places in our lives that hold special meaning to us. The house where you grew up, the coffee shop where you were sitting across that someone who made your heart skip a beat, or the hospital where you first meet the person, who you knew, you would do anything in the world for. MYM wants to take you back to the place that made you, you.

Our Story

There’s something truly magical about the places we hold dear. Whether it's the neighborhood we grew up in, the city where we met our best friends, or that hidden retreat that rejuvenates our soul, these places become an intrinsic part of who we are.

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A story about my proposal

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Every spot is different

Every spot is different

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Jewelry from MYM

By choosing a MYM jewelry you can always be sure you are wearing a unique piece of jewelry. A jewelry that tells your story. Reflects who you are. Prompts conversations with others and is a quite reminder of what made you, you.